Eric McCormack once said ‘Each one of us fulfils a piece of a larger puzzle.’

This week I was given a the gift of a jigsaw puzzle one where you have to guess the picture, it may sound challenging working out where all the pieces fit without the bigger picture. Some pieces may look the same but each is unique. Every piece is required to reveal the whole picture. The which bit fits where and what purpose it serves in the picture which has yet to unfold. A bit like life we don’t have the bigger picture and we are all working out each day where we fit in.

Life is a journey full of experiences and moments that shape us into who we are today. Each person we meet, every decision we make, and all the little things that happen to us are pieces of a bigger puzzle. We may not always see how these pieces fit together, but they all contribute to the person we are today and the life we lead.

Some of us may feel like our contribution to the bigger puzzle is small or insignificant. But the truth is that every piece is important, no matter how big or small. Every person we encounter in our life brings something unique to the table, and every decision we make sets off a chain reaction of events that ultimately shapes the bigger picture.

The puzzle of life is ever-evolving, with new pieces being added and old ones shifting around. Sometimes we may feel like the puzzle is falling apart, or that our piece doesn't quite fit. But we must remember that every piece has a purpose, and that purpose is to contribute to the bigger picture.

So, what is your piece of the puzzle? Are you the person who brightens someone's day with a smile, or the one who works hard to provide for their family? Are you the one who volunteers in your community, or the one who uses their talents to create something beautiful?

Whatever your piece of the puzzle may be, know that it is valuable and important. Embrace your unique contribution to the puzzle of life and continue to be a part of something bigger. Together, our pieces create a beautiful and intricate masterpiece that tells the story of our lives.

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