Ekphrastic poetry

This week’s poem from WCRFM’s Poet in Residence, Ian Henery, was written on the first anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and inspired by the artwork of Simon Tew. The painting will feature at the 2024 Wolverhampton Literature Festival in the Art Gallery.

The artist was inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of Queen Elizabeth II, hence the name of the painting of this tremendous matriarch of the herd.  

One Farewell Glance

(After a painting by Simon Tew - "Knowledge & Wisdom")

She's the matriarch,
Head of the troop
And the memories
Are etched into her skin
Like wrinkles:
The good, the bad but never ugly.
She loves them all.

She's the matriarch,
Head of the troop
And she had trouble
Keeping them all in line.
There's always one 
Who has to dawdle
or go their own way.

She's the matriarch,
Head of the troop
And the times, they are a-changing:
It's not the same world
As when she was little.
Poachers are everywhere
Looking for royalty.

She's the matriarch, 
Head of the troop
And she's called "Elizabeth"
Or simply "Lilibet"
In their own tongue.
It's been a long road to travel
And she's tired

As she gives one farewell glance
Over her shoulder
And turns
                     to go.

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